Taruchaya Residency - Adding Convenience with Luxury

The idea of luxury has changed a lot in the last few years. With technology becoming smarter, lighter and faster, its usage has seeped into the daily objects of convenience like never before. From self driving cars to Wi-fi controlled refrigerators, everything is about ease of use.

Modern Indian families are definitely not behind on this trend. Their definition of luxury is incomplete without a hassle free and comfortable experience. Customer’s expectations are swiftly changing from just buying a good-looking flat to buying a home that has better build, design and effortless living experience. The three driving factors for buyers of this demographic are: Accessibility, Affordability and Amenities. These are the features modern families are asking for irrespective of the ticket size.

We at Vilasa Group understand this demand very well. That’s why we have designed our Taruchaya Residency apartments to seamlessly integrate convenience with luxury while also providing you with the best post sale services.

With a proposed 14 bigha green JDA garden just adjacent to the Project, it’s a property that has good ventilation and natural light in all the units. It’s also well connected to the city with access to schools, hospitals and market places nearby.

Few real estate developers in Jaipur have made note of this change in people’s mindset and embraced it wonderfully, us being one of them. When they plan spaces catering to modern families, they strive to make the living spaces comfortable Open, well ventilated and naturally lit – we have created layouts that maximize the potential of each room, focus on living space versus carpet space and offer a convenience-inclusive residential property for residents to experience a hassle free life.

Apart from a strategic location, the projects that realtors are coming up with, have integrated shopping and entertainment amenities, retail stores, banquet halls, swimming pool, gymnasium, community activities for kids and senior citizens, built-in solar panels for common lighting and so on and so forth. They are aiming to provide convenience not only in terms of infrastructure but also the design of their property spaces.

This is a much heartening and welcome shift in the real estate field as it aims to give an imperial experience to the buyers and the fast growing Mid Income Housing segment. With the changing times and developing economies, the idea of luxury has seen a lot of turning points. Today, it has transformed into lasting and quality convenience than just superficial bling and shine.