2 bhk flat in ajmer road jaipur

Are you eager to get your dream house? Have you finalized the choice for your dream home? Have you framed the requirements?

If your answer is “yes”, you must need to rethink.

Except all the initial requirement, one still has the major requirement is to make sure that you will not trap in any legal issues. As to safeguard you dream home from these traps you mull over certain points and certain measures.

  • Genuine Cost Of House: When you purchasing property you sign an agreement that mention the real cost, which you bear to purchase the house. This cost is depends on area, locality and utility expenses such as water, parking, electricity, various taxes levied. Therefore you must read the agreement perfectly also confirm all details in the agreement including all the charges applicable. Verified agreement by lawyer is best to make sure you were not trapped in any hidden charges.
  • Actual Area of House: Most of the time in house agreement, the area of home is cleverly stated, with clause. As you never find the actual space which you are agreed upon. Before purchase asked from other buyers in same construction will lead you to understand the situation. One can also try to include a clause in the agreement about the minimum and maximum size beyond which the size cannot be increased or decreased.
  • Diff. Between carpet, built-up and super built-up area: Carpet Area is the area that not covers wall area; it’s just cover the area where carpet can be laid. Even built-up area which includes area of walls and the balcony, and the carpet area too. Built-up area including with lifts, garden and amenities space called super built-up area. Ensure that area is mentioned in the agreement papers.
  • Possession Date: Most of the time property agreement has a tentative possession date. Although, we find most of the time builders delayed form mentioned possession date. To safeguard from this issue Check the construction progress often, and in person.
  • Many other things that you need to take care of, such as society/ neighborhoods, construction duration and material quality, which should be clarified before making any agreement.
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